Import AI 146: Making art with CycleGANs; Google and ARM team-up on low-power ML; and deliberately designing AI for scary uses

Import AI

Chinese researchers use AI to build an artist-cloning mind map system:
…Towards the endless, infinite AI artist…
AI researchers from JD and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing have built Mappa Mundi, software to let people construct aesthetically pleasing ‘mind maps’ in the style of artist ‘Qui Zhijie’. The software was built to accompany an exhibition of Zhijie’s work.

How it works: The system has three main elements: a speech recognition module which pulls key words from speech; a topic expansion system which takes these words and pulls in other concepts from a rule-based knowledge graph; and software for image projection which uses any of 3,000 distinct painting elements to depict key words. One clever twist: the system automatically creates visual ‘routes’ between different words by analyzing their difference in the knowledge graph and using that to generate visualizations.

A reflexive, reactive system: Mappa Mundi works in-tandem…

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