Long time no uploading

This is newly uploading page. I like to write something in the web previously. I have a number of blog pages including this wordpress. Now I am using facebook so that I can communicate with others without using blog sites. Hence, I am not coming here. Recently, i realize I need to use this blog again in order to improve my writing skill. I need to write longer than SNS text. In SNS, I write very shortly even if facebook and g++ allows to type longer than that in the tiwtter, it is still limited for writing conveniently as much as blog systems. I will come to blog in order to write long text. Moreover, it will be convenient for me to use blog so as to expand my thought in English.

My New Art – Conceptual Word Art

I proposed new art recently. Previously, we use color inks for drawing. I changed this concept from different color inks to different meaning words. My writing becomes a picture drawn by artists. I draw my text by different words as artists draw picture using their color inks. Before I think about this, it is so hard for me to write an English sentences. There are so many constraints to write a text. I must consider grammar and spellings in order to write English sentences. Even for simple sentences, I must think about so many rules. Now I propose a new method, which does not consider the appropriateness of grammar and spelling. Because it is an art, similar to abstract expressionism. I can write by myself without considering grammar and spelling. This is actually the first in the world.


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